Scam Alerts

As the popularity of 4xAi continues to grow, we have observed a rise in fraudulent activities targeting our valued customers, including a recent incident in India.

We are immensely grateful to our vigilant clients who consistently report fake websites, phone numbers, and accounts. We are actively taking measures to combat these scams and remove them from circulation.

Unfortunately, scammers are constantly developing new tactics, necessitating the adoption of effective security measures. To assist you in safeguarding your trading experience, we have compiled a comprehensive security checklist. By following these guidelines, you can identify potential scammers and enhance the security of your transactions.

Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

1. Always ensure that you are visiting the correct URL for 4xAi, checking for any typos or unusual characters. To minimize the risk, it is advisable to bookmark our website or install our trading platforms on your desktop or mobile device, avoiding manual entry of the URL.

2. When encountering the 4xAi logo online, double-check the domain name and the direct link to the logo. Fraudsters often employ variations of the 4xAi brand name on their websites in an attempt to deceive users.

3. All payments should be processed exclusively through your Personal Area on our official website or via our official email domain. If anyone requests payments through alternative channels, such as messenger apps or personal transfers, it is highly likely to be a scam. Please report any such individuals to our Customer Support without hesitation.

4. Refrain from sharing your personal details with individuals you do not completely trust. If someone contacts you and asks for your account information, bank details, or credit card information, it is most likely an attempted scam. Rest assured that your data remains secure within your personal account with us.

5. Exercise caution when engaging with social media and be wary of fake Telegram groups. Our official social media accounts can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Medium, and the 4xAi website. Unfortunately, new fraudulent profiles emerge regularly, so your vigilance is crucial. We are actively pursuing legal action against impostors and scammers.

If you harbor any doubts about the legitimacy of the 4xAi website or any representative claiming affiliation with us, please contact us directly via email or phone. We are committed to helping you verify the authenticity of such sources. By working together, we can ensure a safer investment and trading journey for you.

Please remain cautious and continue reporting any suspicious websites and accounts you come across. Your efforts play an integral role in maintaining a secure environment.

June 25, 2023